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I better die and start a fresh life

My Life sucks. Yes it is true, I have no idea what is going on. It is completely out of my control. I feel like dying. I was raised a princess but now I feel like i have lost all my charm and knowledge. I feel so low for not accomplishing anything. I have completed my undergrad and bragged a decent job. As a human cant satisfy themselves with what they have, I also started tried for my further studies. Prepared for CAT but ended up with a very low score and then started preparing for GMAT. I gave my 1st attempt and scored 590 with self preparation. But i wanted to join the IVY league schools at least once in a life time and thought of giving 2nd attempt. Now I am already 25 yrs old and my parents want me to get married. I feel so bad because I am unable to like the alliances that they brought. Basically I am not sure what I want and I am pushing or stressing out myself to achieve something that I am not destined for. I feel like dying. I almost cry everyday for not doing something different. I don’t hangout, enjoy life, don’t properly eat food. I hate myself for my physical attributes and for also being a dullard. Not sure why I am unable to concentrate on anything for long time. I trust God, but I don’t pray because I am a lazy person. I know that these bad attitude or being lazy are not going to take me heights, but I am not able to change myself. I better die and start a fresh life.I am a LOSER.

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