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A brief glimpse into the life of Anthony Parke

This is only a brief glimpse into the real-life, inspiring story of the multi-talented, intensely driven Anthony Parker, aka WORDSMITH, the motivational musician from Baltimore whose purpose in life is to become a great role model for this generation.

Role 1: Anthony is a single father raising two sons, fully providing for Ezequiel (12) and Kingston (5). His oldest son Zeke was adopted from a previous relationship because Anthony wanted him to have the best opportunity in life possible. King has just started preschool and Zeke middle school, so now Dad spends as much time studying with his boys as he does teaching them how to be upstanding young men.

To provide for his family, Anthony works Role 2: his day job as a government contractor for Camber Corp. Using his secret clearance and Pentagon access, he processes shipping orders across the Pacific Ocean for the 5 branches of the U.S. military. After ten years with the company, the job has allowed Anthony the security to pursue many other opportunities for enriching his life and those around him.

Zeke currently plays youth football for the Brooklyn Park Broncos. After witnessing Anthony’s support of the team, the head coach asked him to assist in coaching the defence. Role 3: Coach Parker helps his son and 25 other young men learn the fundamentals of football, a game he played in college having earned a full scholarship to Division-1 Morgan State.

Transferring to Salisbury and studying theatre, college was where Anthony honed his abilities as a rapper and got his first experience in the business of music entertainment. After graduation he focused on learning the music industry and started Role 4: his own independent label, NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. His unique brand of Conscious-Commercial Hip-Hop is original, engaging, profanity free and earning praise among a widely diverse audience. Wordsmith puts on a lively, energetic stage show of Hip-Hop with a LIVE 3-piece band.
Wordsmith is known for crafting uplifting, hit music with a message, aka Role 5. This talent has opened up huge opportunities in corporate licensing and media placements. ESPN, NFL Network, CBS, NBC, Fox, Style, Bravo, RedBull, PS4, Nintendo Wii are some of the networks/companies that have used his music. The Baltimore Sun will feature Wordsmith in their 2016 Fall Arts Guide as an artist to watch out for.

Wordsmith has used his label and music career to pursue his true calling in life, Role 6: philanthropy. Word has teamed up with organisations like Project Plase to help give food and clothing to the homeless in Baltimore city. He looks to help guide our youth as well and has put together an anti-bullying lecture/performance for helping students in grade schools; kids are always safe in Word’s audience.
Wordsmith’s star is only on the rise.

Now a Grammy voting member, he plans to take his outreach overseas, following up last year’s Armed Forces Entertainment tour for U.S. service members with a special educational/entertainment performance for the American Music Abroad tour. When he returns Word plans to blend Hip-Hop with Classical music in an unprecedented Symphony/Choir/Band performance with the Concert Artists of Baltimore called Fly Virtuoso. On to the next Role…

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