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My daughter is 6 years old

My daughter is 6 years old. It has been going on since she was born, possibly earlier. We need a divorce he says. We just aren’t compatible….he says.

Let me back up (screeching brake sounds). The first question he asked was “Can I keep you?”.
Yes. Very sweet, charming, funny, intelligent, handsome AND a career. Did I win the lottery? Am i dreaming?
Hardly. Today, presently, I sit here in the house we rented together, lying on the couch, trying to figure out how to financially move forward. Mr. Right was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Hindsight is … twenty twenty. I had never met a narcissist before. I did not even know that type, like literally by definition really existed. I married one, him, or it.
Now, since I have my own opinions, goals, and priorities. Its a conflict for him.
None of my hopes, wishes, or wants matter. They are a joke. He makes a very high income. Now he is leaving me and getting an apartment. He is not financially helping me with my daughters, not even with his. What’s worse is he does not even care if I can not afford to move right now. He is too precious.
I really don’t like this man anymore . I lost respect for him and he is a creep in my eyes.
Please do research on narcissists when you think you may have found something too good to be true. It probably is. They are very charismatic. Just be guarded.

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  1. From a narcissist to you if your narcissist loves you he will treat you right…regardless of his bad personality. This is from a narcissist who loves women who treat him bad and are seemingly not narcissist.. I do not think I deserve bad things but maybe I do as generally I am bad. However one would hope when they treat someone good it comes back. Sadly it is not true..find a lawyer a good one it will be worth it.

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