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You are a loser in studies, social life and every possible thing

You’re a fucking loser.
Don’t care about people. They are very mean. People pretend they care but when the time really comes, it’s just like please fuck off and don’t bother me. I don’t care. Btw, nobody gives a shit about you.
You’re a pathetic person with depression, anxiety, add, ocd.
Just plain old and FUCKING boring.
Nobody gives a damn what you say.
Everybody shows they have respect, but actually nobody values you.
You are a loser in studies, social life and every possible thing.
Living off your father you fuck.
Making your father worried and tensed because of being such a dumbass, you can’t even study a single damn thing.
Dad had to pay fucking money when he could have got a car and DSLR camera which he wanted for a long long time, that too of any cost, but couldn’t due to this unfunny fuck who broke his dreams because of his fucking admission in engineering which he isn’t fucking capable of. He isn’t capable of doing a single thing in life.

Love. Love heals they say. Middle finger to those who say such bullshit. Love breaks your heart. Love breaks your life. Love breaks you. Love kills you from inside until there’s nothing left.

Emotions. The worst motherfucking thing in life. He is emotional. Way too much. Incapable of handling small things. Emotional people see the world differently they say. Fuck “them”. No room for emotional people in this world. Fuck this life, the only thing that matters is getting rid of all this. You don’t deserve to live. Only one way out. Death.

He is only living for his mom and dad, otherwise he would have left a long time back. He feels like giving up, and almost does it, this fucking feeling of what would happen to his mom and dad after this useless piece of shit leaves.

A loser who’s tired of being alive. Instead, wants to donate parts so that other people who deserve to live can live happily.

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