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Let me tell about a girl who lost everything

Let me tell about a girl who lost everything but to blindside to know she has every thing.

Here name is Enhle a 24 year old with a beautiful daughter who is 2 years old.

Enhle lost her parents at the age of 8. She was smart, loved singing, dancing and swimming… But that all went away when she lost her parents, lets her hear story.

Enhle was born in Durban, KwaZulu Natal lived in Kwamashu with her grandmother while her mother was still trying to settle down with her dad in lady smith. Enhle had siblings, Luthando and Sambulo.

Life in Ladysmith was perfect for Enhle they had everything love from her mother and sometimes felt her dad didn’t. You see Enhle had a problem she would wet her bed every night and felt so ashamed. So Enhle and her siblings moved in with their parents who were both teachers. Her mother Nolwazi was a sweetheart, her dad had an amazing voice. He would win a lot of competitions at for the school choir. As beautiful as that may sound it wasn’t as beautiful in closed doors..

Enhle: My father was no hero. My father was abusive. He would hit my mother so much that one night he locked us out and we had to sleep outside, he would come home hit my mother and we couldn’t do anything about it. We where very young all we can do is cry and hide.

But that’s not all he did he would watch Enhle sing and you could see the spark in his eyes, he was proud. Sambulo was smart even now his parents where so proud of him. On a summer night they would have dinner and swim pretty much their routine in summer. Swim in the afternoon and in the evening ladysmith was boiling hot. On a lazy Saturday Bongumusa would teach the kids swimming and they way he taught the kids well I wouldn’t advise it. He would live you in the deep end and well you had to make sure you find a way to go back to the safer side. Enhle became a pro she was happy that she could swim more then the others..

**Fast Forward**
Year 2000 a new millennium
Today I witnessed the saddest thing ever. My father was sick really sick that he could see ant more and can only call out Sambulo’s name. We didn’t know what was going on but it was sad. I could feel it inside my heart seeing my mother like that helpless, that’s where it all began.

May 2000.
My grandmothers came to our house my mother was so weak, she cried most of the time we didn’t understand, my uncles from Jozi and Durban where here. My cousins and my older sister Thobeka she was here. She would come and visit us for the weekend and bring all sorts of junk food. I enjoyed every moment with her at our house she was funny had the weirdest laugh ever she made us laugh so much.. You see I didn’t know what funerals were until that day I lost my father. I cried, my sisters and my brother cried, my aunts and Mother she cried a lot I didn’t understand why I cried because she cried why is mommy crying I ask myself. That day we laid our father to rest and never saw him again.

June 2000
Weeks past, days past. Mommy is not herself, she is weak, in and out of hospital mother is sick. So one day my siblings and I went to play at our friends house while gogo and sebe’s mother were at our house looking after my mother. I left them because I missed my mother. Looked everywhere I couldn’t find her or gogo. I called out her name and no answer. I went to my room and found her sleeping peacefully covered with a pink sheet, I pulled and she was sleeping little did I know I witnessed something way worse my mother gone for good.. We where sent to play, I had a white friend beautiful soul. I saw her getting inside a car covered and I still didn’t know what was going on. That day she laid there for the last time I knew i will never see her again.


I am now in grade 11 what have I become. I am lazy, not the smartest person in class and had a best friend I loved so much Zama. School was fun, I had mt first boyfriend Sandile. I didn’t know what I was doing but I liked him a lot. But I was depressed I missed my mother I would skip school. I lost my granny in 2006/7 at home we suffered, we would go to bed without even eating anything. My aunt was a teacher ezlalini she was hardly here and she was the only one who paid for everything and bought food. That was part of my depression. I envied my cousins they had everything parents, money and they where happy. I always felt like god took her away from us to soon. So I moved to my granny’s in Lamontville I felt at peace, I had food and for once pocket money. So my cousins step mom took me to see a psychologist since I still had that problem.  I told her everything and everything I want and how I felt that helped a lot.  I was calmer because of the pills I had to take.  School was a breeze I didn’t pass very well throughout my high school days.
Next thing I knew I am in matric that went by and everything was great..

Enhle was single a virgin until she met this guy, well this guy was her cousin’s ex boyfriend but Enhle fell in love with him. He promised her everything so one day he invited her over that day and she lost her virginity and had to keep a secret that’s eating her up till now.

Enhle started working because she couldn’t go back to school and study because well she had no money or anyone to help her out.
That year ended with a huge secret.

Enhle was still working and went back to school she the met a guy he was cool and everything but he was jealous. Enhle lied about going to her uncle’s place and had to go a party and he found out that she had lied.  Enhle had  guys who she had sex with well she worked with him and another and she was so depressed.  Towards the end of the year she met someone. He was so cute, tall dark and had big eyes. Enhle was in love so much so that she would spend most her time with him, they had movie night’s and he introduced her to his mother and his friends. There where so in love.

Enhle had her mother’s name tattooed on her and on that day she also found she was pregnant. She had mixed emotions. She was 21 and he was 22. Enhle had dreams well so we thought. She was still in love,  became bigger but the worst happened after a very long time she Lost her job. Months passed and then something tragic happened. Enhle’s shining knight had cheated on her with her friend she was so hurt and thought it was karma after what she did a year ago.  She didn’t believe that shit. Weeks went by the knight cheated again with someone else she found out while going through his phone.  She got mad went home and tried forgetting. She delivered, her heart keeper was here. She was so happy that she only saw her and her princesses and others didn’t exist..

Months went by with my baby girl growing up. I was happy and jobless he was there but not there. I love him, I wish he knew. Months after I got a job as a call centre agent. It felt great but I had to send her away because no one at home could look after my princess, she went to her father, I was still in love but him I don’t know.. work was chilled, baby girl is growing and she is now teething. At work I met this guy Luyanda, great body omg, we became close way to close and I liked him a lot.  See I have never felt like that in a very long time, i mean baby daddy is there but he is not showing me affection, we had sex but njee..

Days, weeks, months went I love my baby daddy so much but Luthando and I were close we had the deed. I regret the fact that i did but one time became 3 times what was I doing..  Through all that drama baby daddy was also cheating with his “friend” and his cousins friend they where slim beautiful ladies and I looked at myself and said he doesn’t deserve me look at you big saggy boobs, stretch marks, ugly face and the biggest tummy. He wouldn’t want that now would he?

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