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Should I warn his ex of the kind of things he did?

Hi. I met my current boyfriend two years ago at university class. At that time, he had a girlfriend and he was always saying how great she was.
As academic year when on, he started flirting with a classmate girl and meeting her secretly. I thought it was just flirting. But then, by the end of academic year, he told his girlfriend he has been unfaithful and he broke up with her, because the classmate girl he was with recommend him to do so.
I was his friend and I knew he still feel something for his ex-girlfriend. For three weeks, I keep telling him to apologise and get back with his ex. But it just caused the opposite effect. And the more I showed interested for his love life, the more I was attracted by him.
So three weeks after he had dumped his three-year-relationship-girlfriend, we started ours. Once we were together he confess me he has been with several girls during those three years, including our classmate girl. I did not know he was that way, but I was so in love that I would forgive everything just because of him. Love things, you know.
The point is that he did not wanted to give details to his ex-girlfriend, so that she did not feel even worse. And she still thinks he is in a way he is not. He has been feeling guilty for our whole relationship -ten months- and he wants to stop feeling that way. That is why, last week, he had an appointment with his ex at his parents’ house -he told me so two days later-. She basically opened her heart to him and cried him she wants him back. But he did not opened his heart and did not confess his infidelities to her.
This academic year his ex-girlfriend will be studying at our Faculty. That means he and I will come across with her nearly every day. I want the best for all of as mental health. Even if that means my boyfriend and her ex-girlfriend getting back together.
My question now is: Should I warn his ex of the kind of things he did to her while they were together so that she can actually know how the person she thinks is still in love with?
Thanks so much for reading it all and for your help!

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