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Now with children there is no turning back

My husband is depressed. I have two small children and while he swings back and forth between lying in bed for sixteen hours straight and blaming me for everything I am doing almost all of the childcare, running a business, and taking care of most of the household duties. Since I have a husband, there are certain things I can’t get help for from friends and family. Like changing the drain pump in the washing machine. Or fixing leaks and clogs. Or changing tires. These thing I have to do myself because anyone else would be wandering into an angry man’s territory. He is not violent but incredibly passive aggressive. He picks fights over nothing, like the inflection in my voice that I was unaware of. Divorce does not seem like an option because I don’t want our children to have to be cared for alone by him. He blames me for everything that has gone wrong in his life. That has been a surprise to me because I have felt like I have been working so hard to keep our lives going, and now with children there is no turning back.

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