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Sorry for falling in love so deep with your flaws

I am 20 suppose to be young free and wild. It was exactly 6 years back that I had started dating this guy.. Leisure dating to a formal commitment I saw it all happen to me… It was the most beautiful thing ever.. Until one day he just decided that it wasn’t healthy.. It was a long distance relationship ever since the beginning. I am pursuing medicine and he is on his btech which now is over.. I dunno how anyone can just decide that love is over.. That 5 years was a joke.. That all the I love you’s and all those promises were just fake.. It hurts to say but i still love him.. I crave for him.. I wish to meet him soon.. Just soon.. And stare into his beautiful eyes and say sorry for everything I have ever done.. Say sorry for falling in love so deep with his flaws.. I am insecure the reason he gave me be of he parted ways.. I am insecure when it comes to him. I love you so much and I hope you excel in life and get everything you deserve :’)

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