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My brother hits me. I wish I never had a brother like him

To start things off, i have a really really really really really really really mean brother, whose one year older than me. He hits me everywhere, slaps me, punches me, etc. When I was seven, (I am currently twelve) he made me fall off a high chair, made me bang my head on the hard floor, and leave a bump on my head. I had to stay in the hospital for a long time, but I was SUPER lucky I didn’t crack my head open, but there’s a really huge bump on my head now and it makes me look hideous. The thing is… HE BLAMED ME FOR BANGING MY HEAD!!!! He never blames himself for anything. Anyway, just now, he hit me, I screamed, my parents heard, and they punished him. I kinda feel bad for him even though he bullied me through my life. I always think that whenever he gets hurt, he hits me, but he’s still my brother. Sometimes, I just think I’m too nice, but sometimes I also have to be harsh, but I just can’t. Wish I never had a brother like him so I would never feel bad for him and never love him even though he hits me EVERYDAY. 🙁

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