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Life as a short and overweight girl

Hi my name is Ashley (not my real name). Growing up I was bigger than most people but that changed when I started dating my first boyfriend, and when I got into softball. I was down to 5 foot 3 inches and 120 pounds. After a while my boyfriend moved on from me, and this devastated me. I started eating like I was when I was in 6th grade. Nothing happened for a while until about the time my 18th b-day rolled around. 2-3 weeks before my belly jutted out just a tad, and my jeans got tighter. I originally didn’t think much of it so I just asked for new pants. And this point I was 127 pounds. Then about 2 months later softball came around. I was super hyped. I made the team but then the day we went to try stuff on, my old pants and shirt no longer fit. That night was a rough one. I walked to the ice cream parlour with my friends and they bought me what I wanted. At this point I was at 135 pounds. Softball started off good but then it fell off after that. Me putting on weight made it hard to play the outfield and run the bases. Shortly after that the county fair came to town so I decided to go. It lasted for two weeks. Every night I went there and got donuts, pie, funnel cakes or ice cream. This really sprouted my gain. I jumped up to 150 pounds. My belly started to hang over my jeans. My arms got flabby. My butt and legs were too big for my pant, and my belly was bulging out. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t want to fall back into a hole. To stop my gain, I tried out for cheerleading. I didn’t make it. This crushed me even more. I was turning back into a fat girl. At this point I had a double chin, a belly hang, and my legs rubbed together. I didn’t want to accept that I was fat but I had to. I went out one day with my mom to buy new clothes. At this point, I was a whopping 165 pounds. I markedly bought stretch pants, and stretch shirts. This was so I could fit in them for a while. On my 5 foot 3 inch frame it was hard to carry this weight around. I would sweat for the slightest things. Walking up the stairs……….let’s chillout together. Nothing but good vibes here #liveme ~ walking to and from school. After all of this I let myself go. I got a job at the ice cream parlour, and I got 5 free cone a day. I also met my new boyfriend soon to be husband at the parlour. He was great, and he let me have his free cones. This was 4 years after this story started and now I weigh 215 pounds.

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