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I was bullied and my teacher thought I was the one lying

I’m a 15-year-old girl born in Hong Kong and I’m went to study abroad in Australia (2 months ago). The story of mine was really complicated, but I’m hoping that I can make it short. The shortest self-introduction I can make is I’m kind of precocious and I love playing boys stuff such as basketball and video games.

When I was still in Hong Kong, I got bully in my past secondary school, as I was an early-maturing and my character partial towards boys which was the reason why most of the girl in my class hated me so much. Because of being fond of video games, a lot of boys came to be friends with me, and I didn’t hate it, that make sense, cause no one hate making friends. But this irritated the girls in my class and they decided to do something. At first, they used cutters and knifes to cut my jumper and threw them toward me (just to scare me), after a while, they started to cut my uniform and back. I tried to tell the class teacher, but when the class teacher asked the classmates about the issue, no one spoke one single word. The teacher thought I was the one lying, so she ignored me. I couldn’t tell my parents as they used to work until late night and I seldom saw them. After knowing no one could help me, I started to block my emotion. No matter now deep the cuts were and how much they hurt, I didn’t cry. I never show any of the feelings again to anyone, just because I know that the people would just laugh harder when they knew that they could hurt you.

Although my life didn’t go smooth after this period, it still goes easier after I met an important person who protected me (he left).

I know there are a lot of people still suffering from serious bully problem, the only thing that I can tell you is don’t suffer it by yourself. The only time that you are alone, is the time that you think you are alone. Please stand up and fight against them (don’t actually fight them), tell the teacher, social worker, parents or even a trusted friend, anyone that you think they can help you. You are not alone !!

Sorry for bad English! I’ve tried my best!! xxx

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