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When your date does a runner

So I went on a date for lunch this afternoon with a girl I just met on Tinder. It was the first time I actually went to meet a girl before actually having a conversion with her to get to know here.

So as we sat down to lunch to order, she was txting her friend and then said her best friend “who only calls in a emergency” kept calling, so she took the call. Nevertheless, she said her friend was involved in a car accident and her kids are in the car who were injured, so she left.

Few hours later, she unmatched me on Tinder.

My tips if you are going to do a runner on a date:
1) When your friend calls, usually the person across the table from you usually hear’s part of the conversion. So at least call a friend, or use a your phone’s auto callback service
2) Don’t say “I’m sorry” to the guy when your phone is to your ear still talking to your “friend”
3) With most phone conversations when there is someone listening to you, usually they will get an indication of the conversation with what you say to them, so try to do that
4) If you make up an excuse saying your best friend has been in a car accident and her kids are hurt, usually you will ask “are you ok”, “where are you?”, and repeat details of the location/incident
5) Why would you need to go to help your best friend in an emergency. Wouldn’t her parents or partner be the first to call, or maybe emergency services?

Like sorry if your your situation was true, but usually when you unmatch the person, it indicates it was more than likely an excuse.

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