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In most countries, there is one little boy who faces bullying

In most countries, there is one little boy who faces bullying. Fahad is one Saudi boy who has faced bullying in his childhood. He spent most of his childhood under the attack of rapping community. You can imagine how hard for a child bullying is. And how effective to his mood rapping is. However, he carried this hidden story with him all along his growth. And it has been growing with him. Since then, he focused only on his fun and his imagination. He was fatherless with a busy mom of eight siblings. In his growing up he got to known boys with loving the same sex. He did not like it though he continued to stay with them pretty much time. In his growth he liked his cousin Hind she was older than him by three years. She was his everything but Hind wasn’t enough to please him he liked smoking hasheesh and hookah. She said one time Fahad do you smoke?, he replayed I used to. Other than that he liked other things. He was making love with other girls because in his culture making love before marriage is forbidden. One day he smoked weed and called Hind and said to her his poem that Hind did not know or was surprised knowing that he was a poet. Other day he called and ended the relationship between them and gave the phone his friends to let her know that he doesn’t the relationship anymore. He was high at that time and after, he cried in the bathroom until the tears got dry. He was fun outgoing became hard to speak to bad and not fun at all. He got sick from smoking weed, he also cut his beautiful hair. He did not finish college, he went back home from America and decided to open a clear page by calling her mom and letting her know that he is good and ready to marry Hind. But unfortunately, her mom refused and said she will marry another man and don’t try to marry Hind. Fahad didn’t get disappointed, he sniffed some air because he is sure about Hind’s opinion about him. And started to fix his things up. He got into college, got a job and started to grow his hair back again. In the meantime, Fahad decided to change. Decided, to be the man that Hind when I call her mom raises her head. I know it is hard to swallow hard past but it can be. This is my message to Hind and I say you love me as much as you love yourself and I love myself as much as I love you. So, come closer to put the last brick on our past wall.

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