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I am here to share the story of my life

Hey guys, I am palak goel. I am pursuing last year. I am 20 years old girl from nanital, uttrakhand. Today I am here to share the story of my life. First, I’ll let you guys know about my hobbies and all. I love too dance. Dance is in my blood but I do need someone to train me and I can be much better as I can. Secondly, I love to travel the whole world I want to know each and every culture in our world and want to experience them. I am very adventurous. But the situations makes me very critical. Am a simple girl but my dreams are very big. I know it’s very difficult to get everything in life but in my case, it just impossible but then also I’ll definitely make sure that I’ll remove that “I’m” from the word impossible and make it possible. I’ll start from my childhood when I was just a cute little kid. When I take birth on this hell world my dad was very annoyed and unhappy after seeing me. He hates me. He doesn’t want a baby girl. But my mother who put me 9 months in her stomach. She loved me the way I am. She was the one who always encourage me. As “god could not be everywhere and therefore he made a beautiful creation of mother”. My mother was everything to me. And me and my father don’t talk much with each other. We were like enemies for each other. Time passes and when I was 7 years old an angel came in our life my younger sister Kajal. But this time dad changed his thinking about daughters and he loved Kajal a lot. But his thinking towards me was still the same. He still hates me. Well…!! Forget it I was habitat for all this. That all was unusual for me. Now when I was 8 years old, one of my tutor tried on me. He touched me. He touched my lips. He touched my chest. I was very scared there was no one to listen me. Suddenly my mom came and my tutor asked me to keep quiet. And due to his fear, I still keep my mouth shut. But when he goes, I came to my mother and tell her the full story I was crying like hell. She listens me. She was the only one who trust me. She obdurate him and ask him to not to come again to teach me. Once again when I was 10 years old, one of our colleague molested me and he also ask me to keep quite otherwise he will beat me. Due to his fear, I shut my mouth and didn’t say a single word to anyone. But I was very depressed from inside. I was not in the situation to tell anyone or even hide with anyone. I really want to tell my mother but that uncle always scold me. And I got scared after all I was just a 10-year-old kid. I really wanted to die at that moment. Time runs and I got 11 years old. Then we went for a family trip to the Vaishnavism mata mandir, shimla and Chandigarh and at last dhampir for a stay in our uncle’s house. But my aunty she doesn’t like me because I was very clever and sharp minded and her daughter was very dumb. She doesn’t even know how to write her name. Well…! We both had a competition of dancing singing and solving maths equation. Her daughter didn’t even pass in a single activity even she was 1 year older than me. My aunty got very angry on her and she slapped her daughter. She started hating me. She wants me to fail at every stage. So, she takes the support of black magic to divert my mind. Finally, when we reached the home. Before going to dhampir I loved to go to school and when I came back then I didn’t even want to study. As something went wrong to me. Still no one notices. My mother beats me a lot because I didn’t go to school. Cry like hell for not going to school. I started hating my mumma because she beats me and started taking her high doses pills so that I got died. But unfortunately, nothing happens to me. So, to keep me away from my family. One day I run away from my house. I don’t know what had happened to me. I loved my family a lot but then also I moved I don’t know why I run away. That was the hilarious moment of my life. When I reach barely from luck now. Then I realise what I have did. My mother loved me a lot and what I have did. And I started crying as I was a kid peoples notices me and they ask me where my parents are. I was in my school dress. I continued crying. They ask me for my parent’s number I was still crying a lot and missing my Mumma. Then they open my school bag and they found a project file in which my phone no. Was written they dial that number and tell the whole story. On another side that was my mother who was listening. After listening she starts cry. And immediately call my uncle who stayed in barely itself. He immediately came to the railway station to pick me up. Suddenly media comes they started taking my pictures and started asking me how I came here from luck now. I don’t have any answer. I stayed quiet. Even I don’t know the answer how I reached there. And on next day I was in the main headlines of dainik jagran newspaper. Next day my mother also came to bariely. After seeing her I was feeling so shameful but she doesn’t care what I have did. She just came over and hug me tightly. And on next day she takes me home from my uncle’s house. After reaching home my maternal grandmother calls my mom and Mumma tell her the whole story what had happened in last few days. She was like very astonished. And she said to Mumma to leave me in her home. When my 6th class was over then Mumma take me to the maternal grandmother’s home and then they both ask me to stay there with maternal grandmother. I was like very happy. I love my “nani”. Mumma was not happy because she doesn’t want to leave me there but I was so stupid. I say yes to stay there. Mumma left me there in grandmother’s house. I got admission in a school which is nearby from my maternal grandmother’s house. I go to school all the things are new to me. I was scared how do I manage. But as time passes everything was normal for me. But then a turning point came in my life. The year when I got admission in the school in that year only my uncle who lived in dhampur had expired. And my mother has gone in his funeral. And when she was going back to home from dhampur she came haldwani to meet me up. She doesn’t want to leave me there but I wanted to stay here only. And on 29-June -2008 she moved for the luck now. An on 30th June when I was missing her very badly. I called her and wanted to talk to her. But she was a very upset from me so she said “I don’t want to talk to you if you call me again then you’ll see my dead face”. I started crying. No one can ever want to listen these types of words from her mother. I was 12-year-old but still knows the value of mother. My mother was everything to me she was my world. And I don’t want to lose my world. After an hour, my father called me. He was crying a lot. We asked him what had happened why are you crying. He continued crying. We were asking continuously what had happened then he said. “Shashi is dead” Shashi was my Mumma’s name. In that moment, everything was changed. Everything got blurry in front of my eyes. Nothing was left for me. What should we do now? What will happen next. My mother cannot be dead. She loves me a lot. She will never leave me alone. These questions always stuck in my mind. I wanted to die. But my maternal grandmother and grandfather and my uncle take cares of mine. Then we went to luck now. My Mumma was sleeping she doesn’t notices me. I was awaking her but she didn’t even reply. Why Mumma. My maternal grandmother takes me and and kajal both to her home. And my father also came to haldwani after completing all the transfer formalities. One day when I was in 8th standard papa came home. He was doing bank job. He said he is not feeling well. So, he stayed in home only. After Mumma he was also very depressed. No one was there to take care of him. And he also doesn’t talk me much. Next day when I was in school so my uncle came to take me up because my papa also leave us all alone. He was dead. We have nothing. We were orphan now. Mumma already left us and now papa also. I got faint. Our whole world was destroyed. But then our uncle adopts us. We are still staying in our maternal grandmother and grandfather’s house. They are very supportive. If every door is closed for us, then god opened another door for us. I am of 20 and now my uncle also got married and he have a daughter also. But he still loves us. But the women he married doesn’t loves us she takes us as a servant. She thinks we are burden on everyone. We stayed in this home but as a servant only who makes food for everyone and do all the stuff of household. Now I am doing a job of an accountant in that school only from where I have passed out my 12th and pursuing last year. One day I’ll be a rich person. I sacrifices my all dreams but I wouldn’t let my sister’s dream sacrificed. I’ll give her everything which I never get. Still sacrificing each day of my life. But hopes never ended with it. This is not the end I’ll keep going through every sacrifice until I reach the goal of my life. This is it. This is my story. Next time I’ll let you guys know what will happen next. To be continued….

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