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I’m sixteen years old but I start to like a girl in my class

This is my story about my harsh life. I’m sixteen years old but I start to like a girl in my class since the first year. She is my true love that is a secret I kept for 4 years. When I turn sixteen, I start to reveal my feelings to the class by writing a mystery’s moment and now the whole class know that I like her. They might think that I only like her as a friend but in facts, I really love her. Since I know her, this is the first year I start to talked to her. Not talk but only chatting using phone. I’m happy for a few weeks because she keep chatting with me. We talked about our life, our school and much more. One day, she asked me if I really like her. I only can said yes. A few weeks passed by. I don’t know why suddenly she stop chatting with me. I’m waiting for months for her to chat with me but the things I get is sadness and hopeless heart. When we met in school, the only thing I do is looking at her and miss her. We rarely talk and face to face. I can only look at her from far. Every night that I used to fill the time by chatting with her is now fill with cry and sad songs I sing for her that she will never be able to listen. Today, I saw writing on her table in class. It said “Do you love me?”. It make me think that she likes somebody else. I already told her that I love her so if the guy he likes was me, she wouldn’t asked that again. Now all I can do is cry for my hopeless feelings that I kept for a long time and become lonely forever. – Iqbal

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  1. I do not even know what to say. I am 16 too and only advise i can give you is that just hold on. I know it’s hard but keep living. I am not trying to rip your hope away from you but maybe you will not be incredibly happy because of this but at least it’s going to be ok. There’s always something that can make your life better and sadness is rust for your soul and it will eventually fade away. So do not let sadness destroy you.

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