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Fuck Life – I wish I could stab a 20 year old guy and a 22 year old girl

I hate everything, everyone, every single person on earth.
I thank my family for great childhood, but as for society, school, job, uni, whatever. Full of idiots! This is what I think of every single one of you INCLUDING people online (any website) who share their stupid (not only stories) but voices looks and awful facial expressions. Everyone; men, women, (children are cute), everyone between ages 17-30 and further: F#CK YOU and your whole friend circle (not families, families are the best); Fuck friends which I never had since age of 12. Fuck everyday people I see; Fuck the so called beautiful people’s photos and their comments saying: “oh how pretty”.

Ever since childhood, I am living in HELL. Everyone grosses me out; women – how they look; men- how they ACT. I wish I could kill all of them. I wish I could stab a 20 year old guy and a 22 year old girl so hard and hit them with a rock and throw their body off a mountain.
To pull their hair off, punch them in stomach and legs. Cut of their boobs and their heads.

This is freedom of speech, which some people never use fully; but I DID and now (just now) I don’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks. DIE. Before I die…

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