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I do not know my father. My mother has been jobless for years

I do not know my father. My mother has been jobless for years and I’ve lived with her for a long time. She lives with her father and mother with me. Recently she has gained a job and started to stabilize her life. At least she was until she met someone she really liked. Let’s call him man. My mother very clearly loves man. He loves to joke around with her and have fun. My grandparents do not like him, they find him to be too loud and too jokey. He cannot live with his father who dislikes him, and his mother appears to be on and off with him. He has no job, no car, and is an alcoholic. My mother always takes things as being bad. My grandma wants to talk with mom alone. He also has no home. Mom and man have been living at home for a while now. Grandma tells mom she wants to talk with her alone because she is always with man and they never talk. Mom flips and decides to leave. My grandma refers to him as a loser to mom. Mom tells man this; he does not like that. I want them to get a stable life and man to stop drinking, because he is a generally nice man. But I have lots of doubts and don’t know how to handle it. I’m the mediator in this; I’m loyal to my mom and understand her, yet I don’t know how they’re going to succeed.

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