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I am feeling completely alone

I am done. I am completely done. You know what? Sometimes it’s too much my dad is too much why don’t he try and understand my problems. Why doesn’t he understands my mood? Is he blind or what? God knows! I don’t know what to say, now I am feeling completely alone. I am feeling the worst and talking about my mood, it keeps on swinging all the time. I am feeling sick now. Please someone help me or consult with me. I need it, I really need someone.


  1. I hear you! I’m not going to say I understand exactly what you’re going through, because I can’t guarantee you that I’ve been through what you’re going through.
    However love,
    I can say this I 110% do understand and can relate to your feelings of loneliness. Actually ‘loneliness’ doesn’t describe it. Anyone and everyone feels lonely at least once a day. Even the most loved person will feel lonely at least once a day.
    I understand what it is like to be Alone. And honestly I’ve got no advice or tips for you. I am so sorry for that. I have been alone over 2 decades now and its not gotten better for me no matter what ive done, and ive tried everything I can think of. I actually feel more alone than ever at the moment and I honestly don’t know how much strength I have left.

    Actually, I lied and I apologise for that. I have 1 tip for you. And it is going to seem and come across as harsh and I don’t mean it to but there is one thing I never changed in all that time.
    “Don’t tell yourself continuously, that one day someone will Care and actually be there for you because u need them, not because they get something out of helping you”
    I’m sorry for being mean, but the only thing I’ve learnt is that you’re the only person that can care and understand what your going through. Easier said than done but I believe you can do it. I am always here if you’re feeling alone.

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