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I’m happy to be a stammerer

My name is Meryem, but most of my friends call me Mery. I’m a 18 year-old girl, a University student, and the best is I am a stammerer. Maybe you may think that I’m odd, thinking of “ if having a stammer is a best thing to happen in someone’s life”.
Honestly, it is. For me, if I don’t have a stammer, I don’t think that I’ll be where I am one, and that I’ll achieve what I have achieved all these years.
Like any other teen who has a stammer, I experienced lots of bad situations, including: being laughed at, being in front of the “curious gaze“, and people making fun of me. My last years, starting from my primary school were a real hell! Seriously, and without any exaggerating.
I even heard my teachers’ sarcastic words about my stammer. But as a primary school, I didn’t know how to deal with that, so I just cried. Crying was my only relief or maybe the one and only weapon to fight the mockers. I’m sure that stammering is not easy to live with, but not impossible at all.
Yes, I think that you are asking yourselves “if I do really accept my stammer completely”. The answer is no! I still haven’t accept it yet, but just in one side. Maybe you already heard it in my podcast with the great lady Pamela Mertz, that side is Relationships. I still had never had a boyfriend, and I’m still afraid of having one.
After having many of ups and downs like most of the people who stammer, I realised that the best solution to be happy with a stammer is Accepting it. And that’s what I did.
Stammering can never be an obstacle for me anymore. At least, not in my career. And here I can elaborate why I did say that it’s the best thing that happens in my life. Because, me, as an ordinary girl, I would never be the first in my class, if I don’t have a stammer. And I would never do the best presentation in my class, if I don’t have a stammer. Stammering made me more hard working student, maybe to prove to the mockers, that I am as intelligent as them, or maybe more. So generally, I’m happy to be a stammerer.
Finally, I just can say that having a stammer has its good side, too. So, just be yourselves, and live the difference.

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