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I am 22 and I do not know how to get out of a large jackpot

I’m tired. I am 22 and I do not know how to get out of a large jackpot, which living for so long. I’m tired of living in a country where people do not live, but survive. No, part of our population lives in us well, there are those who spend the money on a fabulous beauty, food, machinery and so on. But not so much in our provincial town. People here are fearful, squeezed and often look very tired.
I’m Tlh and I worked as a salesman of board games for 3 years. I settled on the random luck and a couple of years ago everything was very good: a lovely boyfriend, parents, work. Then I felt the complete harmony in myself. I got married, me and my lovely began to live together, but we had to rent an apartment because of the impossibility of yet have their own. But the clouds began to thicken over time. Autumn 2015 – the period when the difficult economic problems have affected our country, and at the same time almost all the people of our state.
At that point my husband for the first time lost his job due to downsizing. I was left to work alone. Working for $300 a month, we have enough to feed ourselves, pay the rent and leave some for a small part of the reserve. With the onset of winter start to grow just about anything – the dollar, prices, fares, but only to fall beginning salary and the number of vacancies in the labour market and living standards slowly dropped. Our city is the manufacturing, and we have stopped almost all plants. How, then, I remember near 5000 people was dismissed their workplaces at only one machine factory, and it is only the beginning to gain momentum.
It took a little more time, the vacancies appeared on sites such as, “required cleaning woman with higher education” or “required doctor woman with higher education, with a knowledge of French, and 30 years to grow to 160cm, athletic, non-smokers and non-drinker, without children “- there was no one to impress. People desperately fought and lost the hope that they can get at least some work. Half of my friends stayed out of work and at the same moment caught up with the fear that for unemployed people will be obliged to pay the tax. A labour markets were filled with desire people, and what to say, if a lawyer with higher education goes to work as a janitor to somehow eat.
My husband has twice found work, and immediately after few months it lost because the firm closed. My salary with a good $300 dropped to a miserable state minimum of $150. And every month we lived in the complex $ 200-250. We stopped to dress, the parents help with food. For rent we pay $100 of which $50 goes for utilities (because in the apartment where we live no one is registered). Also with us is living a large dog, which must also be healthy food and vitamins, it is the most precious thing for us. One dog portion is about 500g. Partly because of it, we can not leave to live with our parents. The situation became so difficult that my husband had to leave for work. He left. And 1.5 months, I do not see him. I am alone and I am very hard here. Yesterday, he called and showed me how his body is covered with tumours due to the fact that bedbugs bite him every night and it’s all swelled up to the state, as it looked like a severe form of chickenpox. He can’t change the place of living, because the house was given by his employer and it’s very cheap to leave it.
I do not know how to change jobs. I also will not take. In our country almost everything is clear: either you have relatives and they can arrange you, or you are so in demand expert in the area that many companies are fighting for you. The others remains a cuckoo and hope for good luck. My success in this regard is not very large. A couple of times I was invited by the seller, but I no longer want to be in this area. I want to go further. Unfortunately, in our country, I was faced with a problem of youth. At 22 I look very youthful 15-16 years. Because of this, almost all employers with a grin, looking at me and somehow can afford to pass on YOU. I’m very tired. At my workplace, where I’m sitting (in the mall) 12-hour operation. From this place you can not go out anywhere (because I’m working alone), but if you want to move to the toilet or to buy something out of products, must obtain written approval in advance. Oh, and I forgot to say that I do not have dinner, too? By education I am a teacher, but haven’t the experience, so my salary will be $ 100. I will not go work as a teacher, otherwise I do not get out.

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