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Hiding. Ever since I transferred schooL

Ever since I transferred schools, I became a different person. A year has passed. I’m still depressed. As the days go by, my thoughts are getting worse. I realized that whenever I fake my happiness, I am able to fool myself. And every time I share my problems, the emotions came rushing in and I just have these two words on my mind.
“Death” and “Regret”
Today, I found out that my best friend has discovered his feelings to the girl that likes him. While he was talking about this, I was slowly melting and shattering. I wanted to disappear.
I don’t know how to act towards him. It seems difficult to show him that I am perfectly fine.
I don’t know what to feel. I know that I’m not angry or jealous.
Although I feel like I lost a big part of me.
I lost everything.
I don’t know why I felt that way.
I just know that I’m not okay.

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  1. DonĀ“t make fake happiness.One day,you will be able to meet right person.sry for grammar.

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