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I have had people stop me on the street saying that I’m and angle sent from heaven

Okay here I go, this is a it’s a story that I haven’t told just anybody only family and therapists a group therapy people so like 8 people tops. When I was 14 I had found out some very horrible things about my father and bubba and I were fighting to the point of broken bones and bloodshed and I couldn’t live with myself any longer and tried to commit suicide and with being unsuccessful I was put in the hospital and things just got worse from there. I ran away at 15 but came back 2 weeks later staying with friends only last so long I came back to live with my mom and brothers to fall back into drugs and alcohol. I found a friend how was willing to “take me away” so I left with him but when I left I didn’t know I had fallen into the hands of the devil. He raped me and beat me until I had almost died the next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital 2 months later from being in a coma to find no one by my side no family no friends. I had nothing no bag no school I.D nothing to tell anyone who I was. I was a Jane Doe to the hospital and to police. When I woke up I had very little memory of what happened had to learn to walk again talk again and eventually came to remember my mom and told to police her name. She found me and brought me back home to the same hell hole I left. But what I had come to realise was not what most people would expect. When I woke up I felt like a new person. I felt like the person I was had died and I came back as someone else. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. I felt like all I had experienced all that I had felt before I woke up in the hospital was a dream and can actually look above my actually body and see me (old me) leaving walking away then me (this new person) had walked into my lifeless body then waking up in the hospital. And what gets even crazier about this story is ever since then I have had people stop me on the street saying that I’m and angle sent from heaven and people see white around me glowing of a angle like state. Spiritual things I know nothing about. This girl had actually walked up to me told me she had a dream about me talking to her in her with wings speaking to her of her grandpa that had passed before she herself even knew he had passed and I had never meet this girl in my whole life. She could have just been crazy but things like that keep happening ever since I had that experience with death. I don’t know if I am an angle but for some reason I don’t doubt that I could be. I am now 22 years old and have learned to accept that not everyone will believe me and will judge me. I’m not scared of what people think. I am me and proud to tell my story so others can learn and grow from my experience.

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