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We tried a lot for her but all efforts gone in vain

Last year in 2015 the things were different. I was happiest person and more of less contended with my life. I have two daughters. Elder one is just passed her XII and trying to crack medical examination but she secured less marks and deprived from admissions. On the other hand her cousins with same age got some other courses like engineering, arts, etc. We tried a lot for her but all efforts gone in vain. Even we have been cheated by a mediator and lakhs of rupees gone in vain. After so much efforts and her handwork she is still standing on the same line from where she started. I feel very depressed and guilty. I don’t want to talk to anyone and even unhappy with the decision of God. I have seen her whole journey and efforts but not getting the appropriate results made me more morally down than her. She has again started working on her dream but I am afraid of future and feel myself very weak. Actually we all in family try to show happy to each other but internally we all are shattered, hopeless and dare to face this harsh world.

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