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My mum is absolutely mental

My mum is absolutely mental. Today was enough for me. Being the 4th child out of 6 I know what it’s like to get yelled at, but my mum is crossing the line. I woke up today to the sounds of her screaming at my siblings because we used more towels than normally so she screamed at me to wake up. For one and a half hours all she did was scream curse, and insult us. I had a friend over for breakfast and she was not only mean to me but she was so, so extremely rude to him I felt like punching someone. The way she’s acting is not the way a mother should act like. She banned us from making ourselves food in the kitchen. We cannot use the bathroom anymore and I quote “I don’t care if you need to pee, go outside like the dogs you are”. I’m so sick of her!!

It’s been a few days since I’ve written my first story here and things only got worse. My parents are divorcing, my mum told me our family isn’t for the past six months. I’ve asked her if she ever thought of packing her bags and leaving and she said no although I know she’s lying. I feel like the world is only falling apart onto me. My dad cheated on my mum and I also think she found out. I’m just so tired..

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  1. Felt bad for you. Friend, i can only say that keep focus in your studies.
    Suffer now and rest of life live like a champion.

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