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When I was around the age of 9, I lost patches of my hair

My name Alyssa, I am sixteen and for my age I have been through quite a bit. My dad didn’t want kids at first and he wasn’t around for a year. My mom didn’t know who my father was. Finally, a year or so later we found out. My dad stayed around and helped but was with 2 other girls in the time and had 2 more kids. (My brother and sister). Then when I was 4 my dad died in a car accident. My mom had already remarried before all that so I had a step dad. He referred to it as getting stuck with an extra kid. I didn’t live with my little brother or sister which kind of sucked. To this day, I still don’t see them. I haven’t seen my little brother for more than a year. When I was ten my step dad adopted me and my mom and step dad got divorced and my brother moved even further away. When I got to seventh grade I was bullied, bullied on social media etc. All my life I had very low self-confidence and I never though highly of myself, and still don’t. My family is very sarcastic and they like to say rude things, they don’t understand that calling people fat, or ugly, or stupid hurts sometimes, my sisters have told me to kill myself on multiple occasions. And not going to lie but I have thought about it countless times. Starred myself in the mirror with pills in my hands but never could get myself to do it. When I was little around the age of 9 I lost patches of my hair, we went to doctors but they didn’t know what it was. About 2 years ago, we figured out that I have something called alopecia. Which is a disease where you lose your hair and have tons of anxiety. Which would explain a lot about me and my sensitivity. On top of alopecia I have social anxiety and this has been one of the hardest things to live with. It is extremely severe and has messed up a lot if things for me. I almost forgot something, when I was born nobody knew but I wasn’t able to breathe through my nose. I could never blow my nose, and it took my parents 5 years to figure out what was wrong. I had surgery when I was 6 to help it. But sadly, nothing helped. I still to this day can’t breathe through my nose. And believe it or not this can cause serious issues later. Like brain damage. Since I am not getting very much oxygen into my brain it is slowly killing brain cells. Sometimes I feel like I am having an asthma attack but its only because I have to use my mouth to breathe all the time. Now this story kind of sounds like me complaining but it feels good to get things off my chest and just explain my life. And I forgot to mention that my step dad and I don’t always get along

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