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Seriously what are the odds

Seriously what are the odds?
Well to make it short, I had a girlfriend for four years. We kind of broke up in March (kind of, because after all the crying, and the final “we need to talk” we agreed that we needed “time” to think about us). We both are from Ecuador and I came to New York City last January (to study a Master´s). Two weeks later she came to NYC to study too (It sounded perfect). I really loved her and all, but things got weird, we started to see each other once a week, a lot of stupid fight and as I said we broke up (in good terms). I cannot lie 7 months has passed, and I still have feelings for her. But ever since we broke up, I have never texted her or anything (not even on her birthday). I really wanted to, at first it seemed like it was too early to try to fix things, but then it was too late.
It was so painful to see her on Facebook, so I decided that it was time to move on. It might sound childish but I decided that after my next birthday (yesterday) I was going to delete her number, her photos, block her from Facebook Instagram etc.
Well the 19th started; since I do not have too many friends here I decided to go for a walk in Manhattan (a “me” day). I was crossing the street (next to the Plaza Hotel) when boom!! There she was, next to her mother (with whom I had a great relationship). They spotted me, I saw her face and she was petrified. For an instant I just thought of ignoring them, but at least her mom deserved a casual “hello”. So I approached them, her mom was like super happy to see me. I barely looked at my ex´s eyes. She seemed so confused, and suddenly she said Happy birthday. I just kept talking with her mom and after a few seconds I said “thanks” (yeah only that I was really dizzy). Then I just realised how weird it was so I made up an excuse and left.
My mind just blew. All those feelings and memories again (oh no!). I mean that was the day I was supposed to get rid of her from my mind. Seriously what are the odds of meeting her in such a big city on my birthday?
I just talked with my best friend a couple hours ago (he is also friends with her). He told me that she texted him, she told him what happened and that she felt really bad, she thinks I hate her. And she asked him to ask me how I feel about that “rendezvous with destiny” . Now I am all confused. Any piece of advice????

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  1. If u really like her then please go n patch up with her,,,,,,,
    It really hurts when the person whom u loved so badly ignores you,,,,,
    I believe in destiny n u met her on ur birthday,, the day when u were thinking to get rid of her,,, .
    So please go n apologize,,,,

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