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I would settle for a man just for some sex, love, & compassion

I am a twenty four year old man (boy). My life has been a total rolercoaster with very little or no happy times. I have lost both of my parents father very early mother recently current employed with a crappy job living alone. Have a steady salary good home can survive, but having hard time to find a woman a girl or heck I would settle for a man just for some sex, love compassion. Had one girl to whom I lost my virginity to and that is it. I have never been afraid of talking to women and been doing it often recently going from 0 to sharing everything or just playing sex games over the phone, but when I comes down to meeting and doing everything kinda falls apart not that I’m ugly or have small penis, it’s more like the universe is fucking with me it’s either I can’t make it or I’m not feeling up to it kind a deal and lately it has become more intricate in developing a plan to stop me from enjoying myself sexually. I’m not a god person but I do believe in universal energy karma of some sorts. Now I don’t consider myself to be a bad person I do good all the time other times I can be a little selfish but thats the extent of my evil self my yang. Now I know I’m not perfect I can’t believe that I can’t find a woman for sex or a man nevertheless. The universe is stated that sex for me is off limits. I can’t even find a whore or anyone to pay for the services. Since I live alone and don’t have any real friends I can’t really talk to them. It feels like I’m getting sucked in to myself. It had been 14 years now of no sex. And in those 14 years I have never stoped looking but as I have said it had become constant “fuck you you are not allowed to do that”. So being lonely recently depression has kicked in and couple of times I tried to kill my self but since the universre is powerfull in stopping me I haven’t. Hence this story. I am freaking loosing my mind lately the women I have been dating are either more or same level damaged as I am, so I’m going all the healing friendzone over nine thousand thing. But as I stated I’m very atractive I work out, sexy, but no FUCKING LUCK WITH SEX so I’m hoping if there is someone with same level of bad luck like me since this is supposed to be annonymous I’m just saying HI HELLO UNLUCKY YOU

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