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My love stories were never been perfect

My love stories were never been perfect. I met a man through a Grab Taxi application in our country, an application that allows private vehicles to be a public car for a commuter. He used to be our driver. I gave him tip for that day because of the wrong place that I have entered in the application that cause us to be in different place. That night as well, he send me a text message to thank me. And that is where it all started. We soon, get to know each other through exchanging of texts messages, chatting on Facebook. He used to fetch me or take me home using his car for free. But afterwards and just few days after we start exchanging texts messages, it seems that we are already in a relationship though it is not official and true. We start hugging each other, until we have reach the first base kissing. He admits from the start that he has a partner but not yet married and has a child. So during the process or flirting stage that we have, I felt the guilt and confusion if I will continue doing it. It felts so good, I am happy with his company every time that we are together. After a week, I bid good bye to him and decided to end it up before any bad thing happens. However, he still continue sending texts messages to me and did not stop. I was tempted to continue it as well until one day, we went to the motel to have sex which I regret right after we did it. After what happened between is, he still continue to contact me through text however it has been lessened. We are complicated. He wants me to his girlfriend although he has already a partner and kids. After almost a month since I met him, I discovered that he has 2 daughter which I thought it’s only 1. I felt bad because he did not tell me the truth so I told him to cut all the things that we have, forget and move on though I am seriously hurting. But he refuses and still wants to continue what we have. He keeps on telling me things I thought is true and serious like it is he first time that he felt this kind of feeling with me. Until the next day, just today, when I opened my account on Facebook, something shows telling that he and his partner just got married. I was broken. I don’t know what to feel or say. I really did not expect or foresee it that it will really happen that fast. All the things that he said was just a lie and he just used and played me. I wish I can still move forward after all these things. And I’m hoping as well that I am not pregnant.

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  1. That guy shouldn’t play with your feeling. He really worst person. I feel sorry to hear your story.

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