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Want a couple to join us in the bedroom

One day Me and my husband decided we wanted a couple to join us in the bedroom. And, the day came when we found a couple. They came over and me and my husband went to two different rooms. Me and mike started off with oral sex and then we started to fuck. He had a 8 in cock. And it was about 7 in around. So mike grabbed me and laid me on the bed and started eating my pussy he was good too РI loved his tongue. And then he started kissing me from my pussy up to my nipples. Then he took that cock and stuck it in my tight wet pussy and fucked my hard like I was a slut. I was loving it! Then he told me to get on all four so I did. His big cock in my pussy and fucked me hard liked a slut. His big 8 inch dick in me had me cumming hard and long. The best sex I ever had. He fucked me for like for a hour and then I turn around pushed him down on the bed and I got on top an rode his dick hard and fast as we made out. I was loving riding his big monster cock. It made me cum over 60 times. Then he told me he was about to cum so I stuck all 8inch of his cock in my wet tight pussy and started making out with him again. He cummed all in my pussy. I got off of him and started cleaning his dick with my mouth and we still fuck to this day.

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  1. My first wife and I did something similar to this. I wish my current wife would.

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