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I am really tensed and worried about our Indian mentality

This is my real story and I am really tensed and worried about our Indian mentality. I am 33 years old women married to my husband 7 years before. I was lucky enough to get such a good husband and father in law. You might be thinking why I dint mentioned my mother in law. Of course, I have good mother in law but my story starts with my dear. My dear was engaged to one of the pretty and ambitious girl Rashi and that time my dear was working in some MNC so the girl’s parents really liked the boy and family but my dear never wanted to work because he loves to sit at home and enjoy life. But he said to the girl that he will never continue this job and he will start some business. Just after engagement he left job and started some business from home. After 2 years of engagement girl refused to marry my dear not only this they demanded 5 lacs from my father in law and said if my father in law will not give money they will file case against them charging dawry case. How it is so easy in India for girl’s family to do that. Anyhow my father in law agree to give 3 lacs to them and this was done. Immediately after listening to i.t one of the sister of this girl family forced my father in law to marry their daughter. They said they are very poor and don’t have money to marry their daughter. But my father in law never wanted to bring any girl from same family. My father in law didn’t demanded anything from girl’s family and arranged everything from their hand as they said they are poor and don’t have money. After marriage, this girl named Shivani entered our house but same day I was about to leave for Switzerland so could not get time to talk to this girl. My father in law has big house and she thought that I am saying abroad so now whole house is hers. After 1 year, I returned, now this girl is troubling and torturing me daily and want I should leave house. My husband is not here with me I am staying alone with my daughter and daily she is saying ill file dawry and harassment case against you. I asked my father in law to give me separate place as my 5-year daughter is getting mentally disturbed. Now I am staying alone at upper portion but everyday whole day she is using bad language and troubling me threatening me I am disturbed. Why in India girls easily say they will file case against anyone. Help me if anyone can. Please I am alone scared terrified and my daughter too.

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