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The Story of my life that hurt me the most.

Hi there,
I want to share my story of the life that hurt me the most.
It’s been rough years learning me many things, including love, relationship and much more, but most heartfelt episode of my story would be, when I fell in love with girl, at my work. It has been 5 years since we first encountered each other and my feelings towards her just grown even more. When I met her, I never was even thinking much of love, love to me, meant mere word, but being with that girl, made every moment somewhat special for me, it’s like I felt fulfilling my own spirit. Needless to say, on first months she adored me and admitted that I’m quite fancy guy, but because many miserable mistakes I did, due to fact I had conflicts with my own family, disagreements for short, I let myself do or say things that I rationally wouldn’t do. Years pass me by, I keep seeing that girl hanging out with new friends, having new affairs, getting in some new relationship, while I was standing and thinking, how am I supposed to act, to maintain my confidence and feelings? Should I just move on, if she isn’t feeling the same for me, as I do for her? As I found out, Love is supposedly to be built by two souls, not something that comes up to everybody’s minds. During that five year period, I couldn’t balance my sleep, my working progress towards goals was drowned, I felt most of the time tired and sad, drained away from all this twisted thoughts.
And, after five years, seeing her running around being carefree, today she got engaged. My heart stopped almost. I was out of words. When I posted message on social network, she immediately called me, asking, if I’m okay, how I am… But I had two sides to it. One who was in deep sorrow, sadness of failing to wait for moment to tell her I want to be with her more than just friends. Other one was somewhat happy for her, to finally settling on someone who has won her heart over and I was a bit cheered up by fact that she took interest in saying she never wants me to leave her side or her worrying about me… But fact remains fact, I’m still single and she’s probably in ninth heaven. I wish I was the one for her, just like she’s still are for me The One. The One which I truly loved and will probably be loving.

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