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I was raped and he filed for equal custody

What a horrible situation. She sold alcohol for a living to a business owner who took advantage of her on a day she was had a business meeting with him. She trusted him and during the business meeting he must have put something in her drink that she felt sick and dizzy. She trusted him to take her home but he did not. She woke up the next day in bed with him. He had rape her. She had no idea. Two months went by and she was pregnant. She was shocked. It was then she realized what had happened. She filed charges however because two months had passed he was found not guilty. After the child was born he filed for equal custody and it was granted. For the pasted 8 years they share custody and now he has done it again. His current wife left him because of the multiple lawsuits of women claiming he has raped him. She takes again to court to obtain full custody with new evidence and again was denied because the child loves her dad. What a nightmare!

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