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I am twenty years old and I want to die

I am twenty years old and I want to die. I know I haven’t lived long, but these thoughts kept rushing in my head. I don’t know if its depression or just mood swings, but the thing I am certain of is that it gradually creeps into me as if watching for my future decay. Now, if you are reading this you might thought that I am one of the adults who just wanted to end their life because it doesn’t go their way. But actually it is somehow different for people like us. Failure isn’t a stepping stone for us but rather a quicksand that graciously eats us. A failure is a heavy burden and a consistent failure is actually the catalyst for a quicker death. Why do we feel this way? I don’t actually know, but rather it felt like wrecking once ego and broadcasting it to the world. Haven’t gotten the idea? Well, you can just wait to be an adult to finally understand the world that we all dreamed of when we are younger.

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