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I finally met the one whom I felt was my soul mate

I am a simple girl who loved watching romantic movies, reading Mills and Boons books and used to believe that very soon I’ll have my prince charming in my life who will change my life into a fairytale where only one thing will exist love, love and only love. Finally I met the one whom I felt was my soul mate.

At the start I was a bit hesitant to be in a relationship, I used to blush at the very sight of him and was shy when he was talking to me; finally we progressed in our relationship. I used to be happy with him, I could not imagine a day without him, I used to text him day and night. I could not sleep till he reaches him home safely. I was very happy when use to meet him-my heart would just melt at the very sight of him. I just loved him like crazy and love was to such an extent that I would pray for his safety every day.

For me what mattered was him, him and only him, he was on my mind day and night and the very thought of him could make me smile like crazy. Life was too rosy and I was very happy but that the same time I was scared by the idea of being deprived of his love. I just could not imagine my life without him, perhaps I’ll turn crazy. Of course, he was no dashing prince but he was my man – the one whom I gave my heart too. I loved him to such an extent that when we used to walk together, I used to keep admiring him lovingly. It even happened that other boys used to watch me but I was too busy with my man that I would barley notice them, of course he was the one who told me that boys were watching me and he was jealous.

I used to be happy and thought that I am very lucky to have someone in my life who loves me so much that he feared to lose me, but I was wrong. However after some time, I found that he was distancing him from me but I thought maybe he was moody. Then one fine day, we fought for some meaningless reason and in fit of rage, I just told him that it’s good that we leave each other. He blatantly replied that he was waiting to tell me that it’s time for us to separate. I told him that I was sorry. I was angry and didn’t mean this but it was too late, he was impatiently waiting to get rid of me that he didn’t listen to my pleas. I have never begged from someone so much but I degraded myself requesting him like crazy to give a second chance to our relationship but he has already made his mind. Then I realized he was never ever in love with me, perhaps he wanted to use me and I was waiting for marriage like a crazy girl and thought to have fairytale love that will culminate into blissful marriage but I was WRONG!!!!. Perhaps I was never made for anyone. Love is scared of me  and that’s why I don’t believe in love and don’t expect someone to love me. I was born alone, so I’ll die alone. I need no one.

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