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Seriously I am feeling like something has changed me

Seriously I am feeling like something has changed me. I am not able to concentrate on my studies or work. The one whom everyone considered as being perfect in every task, is now worthless. Whenever try to focus, not able to do the task. Mind is in dilemma, confusion, not able to understand self feeling what my mind thinks and my heart wants. Everyone has high expectations from me, they believe in me but I am the only one whose belief in this person has been down.
I am fully depressed, not clear in my thoughts, moving towards self destruction, being too pessimistic, hopeless and it seems like all the negative energy has surrounded me. Even when my attitude towards a person is good, they think it’s fake but I am being real. Why do they think like this? I just want to run away from the situation and never come back and want to go to a distinct place but I know this is not the right thing. I was a happy going person but for one year it’s not like this. My mind I’d not at peace… Don’t know why. I want to seek the peace of my mind and don’t know where I will get it. Even there are persons who gets motivated by watching me as a happy person, never getting angry and always calm and quiet. But since some months everything in my mind is in mess, not organized. These thoughts are like that I can’t share with anyone, as they won’t get it. My fear of failure is dominating me over my hope of success.

Well, these are the thoughts most people encounter and some people get way to get rid of these thoughts and they choose their path to success. But others who are not able to get rid of these thoughts, become more depressed and depressed and fail in their life. It’s not easy to overcome these thoughts but there are various ways like meditation, writing, exercise and a healthy diet. There are such persons around us, if we can help them, then surely we should help.

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