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I can communicate in a way a very autistic man can’t comprehend

This is a weird story, but it was regulatory to me. Yesterday I got really high and discovered what its like to be low intelligence. I also had the revelation of how much culture silently judges people based on emotional intelligence. When I was high I couldn’t think like I normally do, and I reflected that if my normal self met my high self, he would speak to him in a manner as though speaking to a child. I realised people of different emotional intelligence levels do this all the time. Higher intelligence people speak to lower intelligence people like they speak to children. Imagine yourself speaking to an extremely autistic man and imagine how you would communicate with him. You would constantly be one step ahead of him in communication and could easily lead him to conclusions. It would be tiring to communicate with him because you have to communicate so slowly. This is the same relationship high emotional intelligence people have with the majority of the population. Even though I view myself as a smart person (135 IQ), there are a majority of people who are smarter than me emotionally who see me the same as I see an autistic person. I believe most women and a minority of men have enough emotional intelligence to see a majority of men including myself as “childish” in terms of their ability to communicate. In a sense there is a club of people including women and a few men, who speak on a different level than average men, and can communicate in ways that are invisible to men of lower emotional intelligence in the same way I can communicate in a way a very autistic man can’t comprehend. Its humbling to finally see all the patience this club has had for my slower way of communicating.

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