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There will be someone out there that is willing to be there for you

I was never the type of person to make some kind of amazing bonds with people and have unforgettable moments with them. I would always hear about how everyone went to this crazy party or had this crazy meet up but I was never invited to them. The problem was that it wasn’t that I was disliked but the fact that I couldn’t go past the boundary of hey that guy seems cool but we don’t talk a lot. This led to me sometimes being jealous of how everyone was good friends yet I was the odd one out that always tagged along behind people and would have to start a conversation with someone or else no one would talk to me. If there was something going on no on would wait for me so I would always make sure I’m not the last person to get with everyone so that I’m not left behind. For a while I was sick of this bullshit but eventually I met these two twins (one was a boy and one was a girl). They changed my life and gave it a whole new meaning. They would talk to me, be nice to me, told people to wait for me and invite me to go outside with them and hang around. I even had friends who were there for me encase things got rough and I needed help dealing with some idiot trying to pick a fight. This led to me expanding to a group of friends I could depend on and always talk to.

Anyway so what’s the whole reason I’m writing about this ?
Well I see tons of people that go on with their lives without people they can truly depend on. It’s not necessarily the worst thing that can happen but it’s lonely. So if you ever see someone like that try to talk to them or include them. Pay attention to these things as you might be caught up in the moment and not realise that someone is feeling left out. And if you are the person that is feeling lonely. Just remember one thing. Something good must happen eventually. There will be someone out there that is willing to be there for you and make your life just a little more worth while so don’t give up just on life just yet.

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