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I’m cuming while writing this

To be very honest, I’m not sure what I’m doing here. My story is short. I went out to a hotel with a boy toy of mine. We bought a bottle of Hennessy and that liquor makes me HORNY. As I started to get drunk his dick looked like an ice cream cone lol. I went over to him and sucked it like I’ve never sucked a dick before. I even looked in his eyes as I chocked on his cock. My pussy began to drip and throb. My clit was throbbing like literally begging to be played with. I climbed on the bed and licked his body as I slowly made my way up to his neck and earlobe. I rubbed my pussy on his hard cock and I came so hard all over it. As he kissed me passionately still rubbing my pussy with his cock he came all over my clit. It was so hot because we never actually fucked. The passion and wetness made up cum so hard. I’m cuming while writing this …

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