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I have opened up in so many occasions

I always ask myself why certain people don’t have the same heart. Wouldn’t life be better if we all had the same heart. I have opened up to people about my life but no one cares, yet when others need me I am always there. I have opened up in so many occasions. I have been raped, tortured, and damaged physically and emotionally but who cares ? No one. I have been near death but I no longer have friends. I have no one to count on.. I am all by myself struggling with depression and anxiety because no one cares like I do. I had friends but not at least I thought they were until they betrayed me. Now I don’t know what to do in life. I am simply waiting for my death to finally end my suffering.

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  1. Share with you, dear!
    I’m in the same situation. When people need me, I’m always there listening to them and sharing with them, but when I need someone to be with me when I feel alone or depressed, there is no one. So sad, but that’s true, we’re not important part of their lives, just a place where they can express themselves and then forget all about us.

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