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I’m not happy with my life

Hi, I’m thirty two year old. I got married 2.8 years ago with my love but I’m not happy with my life because before marriage what he used to commit me, he failed in each of his commitment. He merely do those things what he mother say to him. He want me to sacrifice all my happiness for the sake of their parents and I do but now tired while doing so. meanwhile, I got ill not only physically even mentally. My treatment is going on for depression, severe head ache and ankle pain. Currently I left my husband’s home and staying in another city. As I’m a typical career oriented woman even I spend my 2.5 years as a home mate. But now again I started working and decided not to go back again to him. I have given him several chances but he never want to understand me.

You know I still love him a lot but don’t want to stay with him anymore. I don’t know how will I spend my life without him but I have no more options because he doesn’t have any effect whether I’m sick or not able to carry out the distinct responsibility. His only motive is to make happy their orthodox parents especially his mother who always plays a game behind. although my father in law is innocent and also suffering with a same problem like me because my mother in law still love his job rather than giving time to her husband.

I don’t know without him how will I stay alive because I truly love him and can never forget him. So, this is my pain or my story.

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  1. Its sad to see such people still exists. The decision that you have taken is right. Stick with that. I understand that you love him. But not every love is eternal. Some people change from time to time. I am happy that you still love him. But there has to be a point in life where you must take care of yourself. Love wont feed you when you are hungry and resolve your problems. You have to still live your life. Love is a part of life by now you should have understood.

    Tell him that he should decide whether he needs his mom or you. It is the point in his life where he has to decide who is important. If he chooses his mom over you. Please move on with your life and find another life partner if you want to…

    Reading from your post i assume you don’t have any children. That itself is a better situation for you to start fresh.

    If you want pour out your heart, i am here as your friend.

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