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You think I am just as disposable as I do

A short story in stanza form
I can’t express the emptiness I feel after you left me today
Because I knew
It’s my fault
But some how I thought I could change it
You told me
Mostly at least
I knew what you wanted
And who you are
I did this to myself
Let myself get used
I’m used
I let myself think I could like you
I just like you
Because you don’t like me
And I don’t like myself
So you understand
We have this unspoken agreement
Maybe you don’t even know
You think I am just as disposable as I do
I’m just another in between
Not good enough for what you want
And I knew that
I’ll admit it
I don’t have respect for myself I don’t
I hate myself
I really do
It’s all true I fucking
I hate myself
I just wanted everything to be different
But that’s just life I guess
I know I’m going to continue to
Until I’m completely broken and can’t be used
Until my mouth is dry and my soul is dead
I did this to myself
I can’t love myself
I can’t love anyone
Because I know I don’t deserve any better
I can’t control this its 1 am and I just want you
I want you
Because I want someone to love me like I love myself
Which is not at all

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