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A Mother Of A Miracle

This story is to all the mothers who have a miracle baby. This book is for these mothers who lived this experience. This book explains every single moment the baby and his mother went through. I hope you guys enjoy it

Being a mother of a preemie means your extra special. After all god, doesn’t pick anybody to witness. So, keep your head up god gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

Keep in mind that there will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed, but in the eyes, heart, and mind of your preemie you are a super mom.

I’m writing this story with my baby being in the new-born intensive care unit because I wanted this journey to be special, and writing this book will make a lot of mothers who are going through what I’m going through have hope and faith that their babies are going to turn out great, if I know that you know that

At first you’ll cry you’ll be terrified, but after you see your baby all of that will go away, you will start building up faith that your baby is going to be okay, that this baby will be a healthy baby but it just needs some time, hold your baby’s hand and in that moment you’ll be sure that your baby is strong and that your baby could get through this but your baby just needs your prayer, and your faith. Talk to your baby let it hear your voice feel your touch hear you say great things to it.

No woman what so ever could predict that this is how her delivery would be, that her baby would end up being a preemie I know that feeling because my first baby is a preemie, the baby that I wished I would hold in my arms after giving birth to, the baby that I dreamed of delivering a thousand times, bought a lot of things just to give to her as soon as she was born but god was sure that I’m up for this battle so he choose me to lead this battle, and as a woman I will never give up on this because that’s what women do they never give up they are strong they have super powers, they have everything they need to go through this without even breaking, and if I could do it then every woman could do it, believe me I know it’s hard but you can, just believe in yourself and you’ll get there.

As for me my journey started at 24th Oct that was the day I found out that my baby is going to be a miracle baby, that was the day that everything had started, they first took me to the hospital then they flew me to Omaha because they were afraid I would have complications if I got there by the car, they were scared that I would give birth in such an early stage of pregnancy, and they told me they had to do their best to keep the baby inside and since that my water was everything that was left they had to make sure it stayed there as long as possible, as soon as I arrived to Omaha’s medical centre they started taking care of me and they brought the whole team to talk to me so I had to listen to everything they say whether it was good or bad I just had to listen because I wanted what’s better for my baby, and after listening to lots of doctors and lots of nurses, me and my husband decided to keep the baby and to do our best to help her survive, it was the best thing to do since neither did I or the doctors give this baby her soul so we just can’t take it, and I could never give up on my baby like that god has given me a chance to enter the battle and do something special and I had a chance to fight so me my husband and our baby choose to fight until the end.

25th Oct 2016

Another day that just passed with me and my baby going strong thanks to my husband, nurses and mother support they helped a lot, and I turned out okay because they were by my side in every step specially my husband who just wanted me to feel comfortable with everything, and to not be scared no-matter what, I remember when they used to come in just because I didn’t feel okay to check me and he would just stand by me hold my hand and say everything is going to be okay just hang in there, he used to tell me I looked beautiful no matter what, and that even in my worst I looked amazing, these are the words each and every woman would want to hear while she is going through this with her baby, especially with this being our first baby it was hard we have never expected this to happen to us, but we just had to go through it for our baby girl.

26th Oct 2016

First in the morning I was doing great and everything was going well I took a shower and started to feel fresh again it was the best thing ever and I just needed it since I haven’t showered in days it was the best decision that my doctor has made.

27th Oct 2016

I woke up at night with a massive amount of blood coming out of me and I just knew something was wrong I have never saw this much blood coming out of me, so the nurse thought the same and she called the doctors, and when they checked I was 5cm and my water had just a couple of hours maybe minutes maybe days to break, but I didn’t know which one of these I’m going to be so I just sat in the bed hoping everything turns out fine, after a couple of hours while I was just napping I felt this gush of water just coming out, and I got really scared not just scared but terrified I mean waking up to your water breaking isn’t something you want to go through believe me, so I just woke up and called the nurse so that she would call the doctors, they came as soon as they heard and checked and I was 3cm which made them happy because they can keep the baby inside but they had to watch me more than ever.
28th Oct 2016

So far so good I’m feeling great but I just can’t get out of my bed because the doctor said so, I even had to shower in the bed which wasn’t pretty, but I said I’m going to do everything for my daughter so I had to stay strong for her.

29th Oct 2016

I went through this day without any complications my baby was fine and I was doing everything I could do to keep her inside safe in sound.

30th Oct 2016

That day was the day my baby was born I started feeling that there was something wrong with me for a long long time which is since 5pm so they decided to put my baby on the monitor and her heart beats were not what we expected it was just not okay, so they came in and checked me after a couple of hours since I was in pain and her heart beats were not good, so after they did they said that they had to do a C-section because there is a sign of infection and we don’t want to hurt you or the baby from keeping her inside longer, I was just scared that I was having a C-section since it was the craziest thing ever, I have never been to a surgery room or took and epidural or anything, so they got everything prepared and took me to the surgery room to have my epidural injected but that didn’t work though they had the perfect epidural ever, so they decided to put me to sleep and that was the best thing to do since I was really scared and didn’t want to watch anything of these things I just wanted them to get it over with, and since they wouldn’t let me see the baby or hold her I just thought that this was the best thing to do.
After a couple of hours I woke up, and I was really tired since I have lost a lot of blood in the surgery because my veins and the IV just weren’t friends I just found my arms full of blue spots and the surgery pain was just crazy I couldn’t take it anymore it really hurt, but after they inserted my pain killer into the IV I felt so much better and got some sleep since I really needed it.

Since my baby girl decided to arrive when her daddy went home, he had to come the other day to check on us; because I wouldn’t let him drive at night since he was too tired to drive.

Our baby girl is still going strong but we still have a long way to go.


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