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I am dealing with some emotional turmoil

I am dealing with some emotional turmoils. I don’t know how to deal with it and moreover there is no one to listen to me or help me. I am not getting placed anywhere and secondly my boyfriend is going to abroad for further studies. I am just tensed due to all situations. I can’t stay without him, I am not understanding what should I do? I am not able to study. I am feeling like meeting him more as he is going but he is too busy. I am feeling like running away. Help me please someone.

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  1. Love is not life. Love is part of your life. If you love him really you need to wait for him. You should concentrate on studies. Your studies should be most important thing in life. Please complete your studies. Which will help you to be independent what so ever happen in your life. Love involve lot of pain. Be strong.

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