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My boyfriend is always asking for nudes

Hey guys… I am in love with a guy and know that he also loves me…
But as I live in India and that too in Punjab where we especially girls are supposed to take care of their family name and I also know that my family will agree in marrying this guy but only after i complete my studies and this will take around 4-5 years …….
But I have a problem with this relationship that I don’t want to let my family down…
And don’t want to go on dates with my boyfriend with a covered face and send him my nudes. I mean I want to go with him on dates without any shame or fear.
It’s been 11 months that we were in relationship and now I asked him for some break of 1.5 years. By saying that I need some time for the reason that around 2 months ago he just left me without any reason but also came after 2 weeks and apologised and then everything was going well but he started demanding my nudes again and I refused…
And then I told him that I need some time (1.5 years) and yesterday he told me that everything is over from his side.
Please suggest what shall I do now???????

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  1. If he is asking for nudes. Please complain about him or share your problem with someone who you are close with. Do not deal this problem alone take someone for help. Leave him it’s not love it’s a fantasy. Life is very long don’t take this problem for life long. You might get better person then him

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