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Dead people receives more flowers than living ones

I had gone through many family problems in my childhood where my father cheated on my mom and my grandma too supported him…. My mom told me about what grandma did to her… My mom n dad fights …my childhood was screwed …. I didn’t have a normal family…. My father shifted to other home 5-6 years ago, with the bitch he is having affair with. I had decided to make my bright future. I just met my uncles and grandma on certain occasions….
But in 2016, m turned 20. I had ups and downs in my studies. Became a tutor… My world was like friends… Mom and sister… Internet. College… tuition. Career my dreams and my bf… I didn’t given time to my grandma… I was always like I will meet her after some days… Don’t call her… I was a fool… It’s like I know but didn’t had this in my mind that she is also going old (age-72) and some day she will be gone. On this new year, my uncle gave me a lecture that call your grandma. give time to her…she misses you…. but me… a big fool didn’t follow the advice. After few days .my grandma catcher cold…I thought it was a normal thing… After 1 week, she got hospitalized because she fell from bed…I went to meet her… I was confident that she will be fine…because of falling…her leg was fractured   her sugar level was high… bp was low… Some organs didn’t work that much (I was told that she fell down and will recover in few days) … My mom n sis went to meet her…. Grandma talked with my sis…. So, I thought she is alright. I will meet her after my exams. My exams were after 4-5 days so I thought it would be alright… But I was wrong… Yesterday morning she died…. I had so my regret in my heart of not spending time with her …there’s a hole in my heart… I had time to spend time for my friends but not with her… I forgot value of my family… However, family was…but it was mine…. I’ll never forgive me for this…. This hole will remain in my heart forever….
Grandma… I’m sorry…
sorry about everything…

Dead people receives more flowers than living ones… because regret is stronger than gratitude… (This is what I am going through. REGRET)


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  1. Be strong.
    You need to.
    This situation is complicated but I had the same experience.
    My grandpa died last autumn, I saw him once a month maximum, I ignored his calls. I thought that I was cool but I was not right. I understand you and the only advice I can give is people make mistakes, whether it is licking a post in the cold or dating the first guy you see, we all make them. Your grandmother is watching you from above and she is smiling. She is smiling because she knows that her dear granddaughter loves her.

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