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I was forced to put on a girl’s bathing suit

I was an undersized male. I didn’t go through puberty until I was 16 years old. This story is about a 7th grade experience. I was 12 years old… and looked about 8 or 9. It was my first year at junior high. In grade school, I was popular despite being very small and undersized… but when I got to junior high that all changed. Anyway, I was a 7th grader. One day, between classes, 4 9th grade girls saw me walking alone in the hall. They jumped me, overpowering me…rather easily too…and took me into the girl’s locker room. I was stripped of all my clothes…forced to put on a girl’s bathing suit..much too big for me…and a swim cap. Then, they locked me into a locker and left me there. I was both embarrassed to death…and SCARED. I want to both scream and cry! I was humiliated! finally, Finally, I heard someone come in and hollered out. It was a girl’s gym teacher. She came in and freed me from my “prison”. When she saw me… she had to stifle a laugh… that was how embarrassing it was to see this little 4 foot 8″, 80 lb boy in an oversized girl’s swim suit, and a bathing cap. I didn’t know where my clothes were, but we found them… in the POOL!

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