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When I was about fifteen, my mum and dad had an argument

When I was about fifteen, my mum and dad had an argument and almost filed for divorce. I knew they were arguing almost everyday and the situation was getting worse. One day my mum took me out for dinner and asked what do I think if they were to divorce, and I said I don’t know but I want to stay with her instead of dad. I knew it would hurt dad so much so I told her NOT to tell dad but apparently she did, the day after that dinner. So I figured out when my dad called and asked me in a rather interrogative tone, asking if I was so desperately hoping for them to divorce. Of course I said no but he didn’t believe me. So I called my mum after hanging up and asked why did she tell my dad, but she was infuriated when I told her I denied what my dad asked, she said I was basically lying and accused me of making her look bad and framing her for saying that to my dad. So, I didn’t know what to do and I called my dad back, and told him Yes, I said that to mum, I want you to divorce each other.” They made up with each other after some time and this incident was forgotten. No one mentioned it ever again.
Recently we fought at some little things and my rage suddenly burst out and told her I will be mad my whole life because I have been wronged so badly by her, but all she could say is I shouldn’t talk to her like that because I am her son, she gave birth to me blahblahblah. Am I a terrible son and am I too obsessed on right and wrong?

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