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I’m currently a high school student

I’m currently a high school student. My dad got a job in Australia and my family were preparing to move there. So my dad booked a flight to Australia and it seemed like everything was well-prepared until 3 days ago he announced that there’re some troubles at his work so he didn’t know when would we go (possibly never). So I cried a lot, my parents were also very sad because our house was sold, I dropped out of school for 1 month and we’ve been looking forward for this for nearly a year. Right now I feel so empty and exhausted because the whole situation means that we have to start from 0 again. Going back to school, I would have nothing, I can’t join a club, I would have to be 200% harder to catch the program. My mom told me that even she had to sell a house, one day she would give me the chance to study abroad which made me cried even harder because I know she’s now having a lot of problems. What should I do right now?

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