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My 14 Year Old Friend Talks To Random Guys on Omegal

Hi, I’m in eighth grade. I feel that so far this school year hasn’t been going to well for me. So I had this best friend named Say we call her “Vanessa”, we were very close as in almost sisters. We hung out like every day over summer break and even before that during school we hung out every weekend we could. We did everything together, we were extremely close almost to the point of considering ourselves sisters. Unfortunately this school year has been different. I feel like I’ve been in a whole bunch of unnecessary drama with her, so recently I decided to drop her as friend. Some people have told me that was the right decision, and some people say it was wrong. I honestly at this point don’t know what to think. We were having constant fighting over the same topic for almost 2 months. That brings us to our next idea. I dropped her because I feel like she’s a bad influence on me. The constant arguing was about her sending booty pictures. Which I’m pretty sure is illegal but anyways, she felt as if she was doing nothing wrong. We had two different perspectives of the situation. I’m what she likes to call a goody goody, the one who does nothing wrong. If that’s what I am then so be it I honesty couldn’t care less though because at least I know my rights from wrongs. I feel that that is unnecessary behaviour from her at age 14. To go on top of all of that it was guys that she met on the popular site called omegal, a website that you use to literally talk to strangers. That’s their slogan. Most of the guys on there are over 18 and just show their dicks to you. Anyways she went on that website and told random people to add her on her snapchat but not just any random stranger… it was just the guys that she knew would ask her for nudes or booty pics or they would tell her to call them daddy. Most of these guys were over age for her but she still sent them booty pics. She would sexually talk to them also like if they asked her to have sex she would say stuff like maybe later with the winking eye emoji or stuff like that. She also likes to send cleavage pics in her bra by squeezing her boobs together and then taking a selfie. In reality she hasn’t sent a nude, that I know about but she possibly could have. As I was trying to give her good advice about all that stuff and she just wanted to argue against it. I will quote some of our texts

Me: I wish I was the person before. The one who didn’t swear, the one who didn’t know what booty pics were, anything like that
Her: You would’ve found out from anyone else. Don’t act like it was all me
Me: I’m done talking about it you can go on with your life and I will go on with mine
Her: Wow your gonna end our friendship over one stupid little thing. What a friend you are
Me: I’ve tried Madeline… I’ve tried to persuade you to stop… by telling you how wrong it is but your not seeing it you clearly don’t understand what’s right and what wrong
Her: It’s not effecting you so I don’t get why you care
Me: Do you want me to be the person that doesn’t care about you… that doesn’t lead you into the right direction… friends are suppose to care about each other but honestly at this point I don’t know what to think… I was just talking with my dad and he was giving me advice on how to handle the situation he had some valuable stuff to say… It seems as if your lowering yourself and making it seem easy to get at you at a guys perspective and no girl should lower themselves for any guy it’s just not worth it… Guys come and go but friends are suppose to stick by each other they and listen to each other’s advice not argue against what they are saying and continue to do the stupid stuff they got themselves into if you want to say I’m over reacting then so be it… I guess I am a little I’m just trying to handle this situation the way I’m comfortable with

In my opinion I feel as if I was handling the situation situation very maturely but she seems to think I’m being petty. I can tell she is upset about the situation but she just doesn’t admit to it. The reason I know this is because she keep posting stuff about me like:
(My life, My choices, my mistakes, my problem, non of your business) and that is obviously about me. Anyways the gist of this story is that I would like to see the views of other people and I want opinions on if and how I should have handled it differently for the future. Thanks?

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