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Hawaii and the suspicious black sand

My cousin came back from O’ahu, Hawaii last summer and showed me plenty of pictures of their trip. I was indeed jealous because I’ve never been anywhere out of California. I remember one evening my aunty and uncle was terrified that my cousin has brought back a jar of black sand as a reminder of his trip. From there, things started getting weird in the house. Feels like someone was always watching me every time I visit and especially when I’m next to my cousin. One day I asked him if I can see the pictures of his trip and as I was scanning through his phone. there was a picture of a dark shadow in an empty room. The shadow figure resembles of a mature lady and showed my cousin and terrified that he had no idea what it was doing in his phone. He said he deleted it when he was scanning through it when he first showed me his photos. His parents went back to Hawaii to return the black sand their son has taken from Madame P. Years passed by and I’m currently in Hawaii. As I was scanning through my photo I came across the same black figure of an elder woman in an empty room. The next morning it was gone.

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